About Us

Who we are and what is our purpose?



Founded in 2015 as Keep The Ban and now relaunched as Protect the Wild, we are a non-profit organisation working to create a world in which all wildlife is free from persecution.

Our vision is a future in which people and wildlife co-exist and through our campaigning, educating and investigating we will get to the heart of the issues that affect wildlife in the UK. From fox hunting to the badger cull. From the bird shooting industry to the plight of the hedgehog. We recognise that so much more needs to be done to protect the wild if we are to truly call ourselves a nation of animal lovers.

That’s why we strive to do things differently because same old same old just isn’t cutting it. So, whether it be ground-breaking investigations or poignant animations, we realise the importance of dynamism if we are to tackle the prominent threats to British wildlife.

It’s why we aspire to be so much more than just a campaigning organisation but a media hub for the latest news and analysis on issues that so often go untold.

Our team of journalists seek not only to inform and educate but to inspire our motivated community to take action.

For it is only through education and placing the spotlight on the plight of wildlife persecution and conservation crises that decision makers will be forced to take note.

But in the meantime, we cannot rely on politicians and legislation to safeguard the natural environment and those who inhabit it. That’s why Protect The Wild will continue to use every means necessary to bring about change. It’s why we will forever support activists and grassroots campaigning at a localised level. From hunt saboteurs and animal rescuers to demonstrators and researchers. From petition signers and leafleteers to blog writers and podcasters. We all have a part to play.

Join the movement and together we can and we will Protect The Wild.

Rob Pownall